Balloon Mood Lamp

Balloon Mood Lamp
Balloon Mood LampBalloon Mood LampBalloon Mood Lamp
Balloon Mood LampBalloon Mood Lamp
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How about this delightful balloon shaped moodlight that can brighten up any bedroom or living room. Designed to look exactly like a floating balloon, the metal stand is even styled to look like string dangling from the base to create a truly charming overall effect. The Balloon Lamp moves seamlessly through colour phasing LEDs, to create an an ever changing lighting mood, or, if selected, you can pick your favourite colour to have to match your room or your particuar mood that day.

Strategically placed on the knot at the base of the balloon, right where you would blow up a normal balloon, there is a touch activation button, so you simply need to press the button in the knot to switch it on. The balloon lamp will then automatically start phasing through different colours. To hold on one colour, push the button again when at your favourite and the light will stay on that chosen colour. Press again to turn off. The Balloon Lamp is USB powered, and comes complete with a USB cable included. Perfect for a bedroom, or even just a fun addition to liven up your living room, the Balloon Lamp is a great gift or purchase for the home. A charming, colour changing moodlight capturing the spirit of one of life's simplest pleasures. And who doesn't love a balloon, it doesn't matter whether you are young or old, balloons hold such great memories and lets face it, bring out the child in us.


Product Features:

  • Beautiful Colour Changing Mood Lamp
  • Illuminate Your Pad
  • Won't Float Away, Deflate or Burst
  • Phases Through delightful colours
  • Measures Approx: 20 X 30 X 20cm


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