How To Order a Beer in 25 Languages

How To Order a Beer in 25 Languages
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So you have seen the How To Order A Wine in 26 Languages, now here is the Beer equivalent. How To Order a Beer in 26 Languages.

When you are in a hot climate and you are getting back after a long hot days traveling you want to be able to relax and sink a cool beer, there is nothing much like it. But how do you ask for it and what if you say it wrong after trudging through the language book you brought with you? Easy, get one of these cool glasses and you can ask for a beer in almost every country in the world. That includes, Finland, Vietnam, Bulgaria, Turkey and loads more! It must be one of the best phrases you can ever know and it's all here on a pretty nice beer glass it has to be said. Each language says the words, "A Beer Please" in it's particular language, the Phonetic pronunciation is also available for the harder languages for us westerners to read. "กรุณา เบียร์ (Kruṇā beīyr̒) in Thailand, "Vienu alu, lū-dzu" in Latvian and even "бира , моля (bira , molya) in Bulgarian. And even if you are not the most ardent traveler, it's a pretty cool glass to have in your cabinet and a great conversation piece at the BBQ or when friends and family call over.


  • 26 Languages asking, "A Beer, Please"
  • Phonetic Pronunciation Included
  • Perfect for Beer Loving Tourists or just Beer Lovers
  • Holds  Pint of Beer
  • Hand Wash Only

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