Cadbury Roses Puzzle

Cadbury Roses Puzzle
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The amazing Cadbury Roses sweets that everybody loves that have become traditional over the years but there are not quite as many that taste as good or as welcome as a box of Cadbury Roses. Isn't it great to sit down, after that enormous meal to watch a movie and take out the box of Roses. It's a great family treat!

Well, here we have something that may not taste as good but is just as satisfying. It's Cadbury Roses Jig Saw Puzzle. Jig Saws and Sweets go well with Christmas, mother's Day and even Valentines, so this puzzle mixes them both. It's a fantastic idea and looks exactly like a box of Cadbury Roses down to almost every detail except the parts that say puzzle.

Would you believe there are 500 pieces in the puzzle and I can just imagine the hours of concentration needed to complete it. Then, there is the satisfaction!

The Cadbury Roses make for a great gift for both young and old and maybe someone is off sweets so this fits well there too.


  • Wrapper collage puzzle
  • Cadbury Roses box
  • 500 pieces
  • 50x35cm dimensions
  • Perfect as a thank you gift, Christmas Gift Etc. Etc.

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