Click Stick

Click Stick
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The Click Stick is the original and still the best, the quality in this Selfie stick is plain to see once you hold it in your hand. There are a lot of Selfie Sticks out there now but not many are as good as the Click Stick which is now at a much better price.

Everybody has gone selfie mad this year but wouldn’t it be nice to not have those long outstretched arms distorting the photo? And you know how many times it takes to get the perfect selfie, especially if there is more people than just yourself! It's virtually impossible to get the photo exactly right.

We’ve all been there; you gather your mates for that massive group Selfie, you are reaching for that button... And damn! You’ve just cropped yourself out! Designed to ease the strain of taking Selfies, The Click Stick will drastically change the way you take photos! Integrated with a button which allows you to remotely take photos; The Click Stick needs no Bluetooth, pairing or batteries! It's simple, for iPhone just plug the connector into your earhone jack and Click Click Click as much as you want. If you have an Android phone it works too, just download an app and you can click to your hearts content. The Click Stick has is telescopic and extends to 1 metre so there is not problem fitting everybody in or capturing all that is behind you. Simply plug your Smartphone into the headphone socket, strike a pose and click the stick!

So now you can have the perfect selfie photo that is going to make all your friends jealous! Unless they have a Click Stick, then you can share the coolest selfies ever!


  • Extends to 1m
  • No Bluetooth, pairing or batteries required.
  • Rubber grip for firm hold
  • Clamp allows photo device to adjust angle of shot
  • Compatible with most Smartphones
  • Android users: download app Camera 360 for optimum use

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