Selfie Drone E51

Selfie Drone E51
Selfie Drone E51Selfie Drone E51Selfie Drone E51
Selfie Drone E51Selfie Drone E51Selfie Drone E51
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Introducing the world's smallest selfie drone!

What masterful mind came up with this one, whoever it was it is genius. They took two of the hottest trends around and mutated them into one fantastic gadget. They took the selfie and a drone to make a Selfie Drone! Now it may sound like a bit of a gimmick but it is not. This drone is a very hi tech device with features pouring out of the box from the moment you open it. We were amazed when this little baby arrived in to us and when we got to fly it, it didn't disappoint. It comes with Headless mode, which means it can fly forward in any direction (much easier to fly), it has a return to home function and altitude hold. That's just the start, the E51 is also an FPV (First Person View) drone so you see exactly what the drone sees as you fly it. and by the way, their is a reason it is called a selfie drone, and yes, you got it! It takes perfect selfies and without that giant stretch arm you see in most selfie photos. 

The arms with the flexible rotors fold up so it can fit neatly in a bag or even a pocket. The HD camera is 2MP and 720p so you get high quality videos and photos and a whole lot of fun. Because it is so portable you can bring it on vacation and capture some stunning selfies and videos of your holidays. The return to home mode, built-in positioning system,  means the drone will land itself exactly where it took off from. It is just so hard to lose this drone and it is also very durable into the bargain. If your looking for something with a hi spec and is not going to cost the earth, you just can't go wrong. 


  • World's Smallest Selfie Drone
  • FPV (First Person View)
  • Return to Home
  • Altitude Hold
  • Foldable Structure and Aesthetic design
  • Flexible Blades for durability
  • ABS Shell
  • Speed Control
  • Gravity Sensor Control
  • 360° Flips
  • 2MP Camera and 720p HD Recording
  • 45° Adjustable Camera Angle
  • Compatible with all Smart Phones including iPhone
  • Bright LED Lights
  • Modular Battery with large 750mAh capacity

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