EKEN Ultra HD Action Cam

EKEN Ultra HD Action Cam
EKEN Ultra HD Action CamEKEN Ultra HD Action CamEKEN Ultra HD Action Cam
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So your hitting the slopes in the next few weeks and you want to record every move, slip and glide. Or, your an avid biker and you want to record some breathtaking rides? Whatever you like to do it seems everybody wants to record their adventures or just their journeys. The action cam is a major player in the world of user technologies, but boy, can they be expensive! However, quality and ease of use is not always expensive, in fact, take away those certain brand names from the package and your left with a high quality item that doesn't cost the earth.

The Ekon H9 Ultra HD Camera is one of those products. It has the option of recording in 4K but the main feature on this camera is the Ultra HD format at 1080P. Whats the difference? It records in 60 frames per second, most action cames record at 30fps. So you get a very high quality video that is smooth and seamless. The Ultra is also WiFi, so you can control how you use it via your phone. Using an iPhone or Android phone you can see the images the camera sees, as you record! How cool is that??

There is a built in viewing screen on the back of the camera that is 2 inches in size, so you can review everything before you begin to shoot. Or look back on photos and recordings after you have finished.

The HDMI connection is a great touch, so you can connect the camera to a TV and view all your amazing videos you recorded earlier. The Ultra HD Action Cam is waterproof to 30m for those underwater shots that take your and your friends breath away. Thje built in Lithium Ion battery will record for up to 1.5 hours. Plenty of time to capture all you need to.


  • Ultra HD Recording Action Cam
  • Up to 30m (Waterproof Case Included)
  • Video Recording HD 4K15/ 4K10/ 2.7K15/ 1080p60/ 1080p30
  • Photo Images Resolution: 12MP/ 8MP/4MP
  • Micro USB port and HDMI Port
  • Viewing Angle: 170°
  • Battery Life: 1050mAH (1080p30 - 1.5 Hours / 1080p60 50mins)
  • Wave Format (Bitrate:176kbs)
  • Built in Wi-Fi: 802.11b/g/n
  • Weighs only 65g
  • Measures 59.3 X 24.6 X 41.1cm

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