Fiddle Box

Fiddle Box
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We all remember when the teacher would loook down from the top of the class and with a grim look would tell of us poor stressed out pupils to stop fidgeting! Well, little did they know that fidgeting is a great way to relieve stress.

The Fidget Cube craze is here and we are stuck in the middle with you on it!. What are they you say, with a twitch, well it sbasicallly a cube wit little thing-a-me-jigs on it. These thing-a-me-jigs are a switch, a steel ball, winder, turny nob, and more for you to just fidget with. It may seem a bit daft, but don't let that fool you, it is actualy quite addictive and a lot of fun. We cna just imagine the office as everyone plays with their fidget cube and the as the fun levels go up, the stress goes down and work actuall y gets done quicker. The fidget cube can be used anywhere and no matter how stressed you are it is always easy and close to hand. so much so that we thing you won't want to put it down.

Now teacher, where are you now? In the staff roomo with their Fidget Cube me thinks...


  • The Fidget Cube Craze is here
  • Addictive fun for fidgeters
  • Reliecves stress and anxiety
  • Beats pen clicking anyday
  • Small and practical
  • So much fidgeting to be done