Fidget Spinner

Fidget Spinner
Fidget SpinnerFidget SpinnerFidget Spinner
Fidget SpinnerFidget SpinnerFidget Spinner
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When these cool little gadgets arrived i to us a couple of weeks ago, we didn't imagine just how popular they were going to be!

The Fidget Spinner is, if you forgive the pun, a spin off from the Fidget Cubes, it may not look like much but it is very cool and very addictive. It is now officially, the biggewst craze ever. Because of social media and so many kids having phones to give them access to social media, these little toys have gone through the roof in popularity. There are quese in our stores and as soon as they arrive in to stock, they are gone. They are simply little hand held devices that are usually made with three arms or some times two, they are bult using ball bearing and once you spn them they go for ages. Not only are they great fun but they are very good for relieving anxiety and stress. 

So don't miss out, join the biggest craze to ever hit.  


  • Fidget Spinner with built in ball bearings
  • Comes in plain, coloured, printed and metal.
  • Addictive and fun
  • The iggest craze ever
  • Great for stress relief
  • Helps concentration levels

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