Fire Bucket Ashtray

Fire Bucket Ashtray
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Now isn't this so interesting as we head into the milder weather season.

We all know that smoking is not the best habit in the world but we all know someone who smokes if we don't do it ourselves. So wouldn't it be nice to provide them a really cool place to drop their ashes and their butts?

This mini fire bucket is not your average ashtray. Made from enameled steel, and supplied complete with sand, this quirky little number is a great way to collect your dog-ends. Use it inside or outside (it looks great hung on a wall). And if you quit smoking, you can use it to pretend you're a giant ... go on, you know you want to!
Get a couple of them and they are great ashtrays to use as features when you have your next BBQ or party.


  • A really cool miniature Fire Bucket
  • Designer Gift
  • Real Sand Included - Works well as a natural fire extinguisher, starving the flame of oxygen
  • The Bucket Metal is Recyclable. An Alloy made from a mixture of steel, iron and carbon.
  • Width 235mm Height 250mm Depth 340mm