Giant Poker

Giant Poker
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Specifically designed to give you a mega hit of gambling fun, Giant Poker is an exciting game for everyone to get  involved in at parties or chilling with friends and is sure to be the biggest gamble of your life!

Said to have begun in New Orleans in the early 1800s, poker is one of the best known and most popular card games. A turn based gambling game where players bet on having the best hand, poker has boomed in popularity over the last 20 years, becoming a common feature in pubs, clubs and house parties. Great fun whether played for high stakes or low, this game of skill, judgement and bluff is one of the most popular pastimes enjoyed by millions of players world wide.

This Giant Poker set, offering maximum value for your stake, is part of the Gentlemen's Club range from Paladone. Gentlemen's Club aims to provide excellent gifts, games and lifestyle products for the modern sophisticate, with style, wit, and plenty of humour.


  • 54 giant playing cards 28 X 20cms
  • 108 giant poker chips 9cm in diameter

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