Glo Bottle Light

Glo Bottle Light
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Every now an then something comes along and we say, "that is just genius, we have to have it!" This is one of them.

The Glo Bottle Light is award winning for a reason, it's pretty cool, multi-functional and will definitely make people take notice.

Glo is an innovative bottle cap replacement that allows you to illuminate the world around you. Capable of screwing onto the top of any standard 28mm thread bottle (the majority of everyday drinks bottles). Emitting light from 3 super bright LED's Glo utilises the liquid inside the bottle to diffuse the light, creating an ambient in trend lamp. Depending on your choice of drink and colour of plastic bottle Glo will radiate this colour light. Whether your camping, at a festival or just walking the dog at night get yourself seen with Glo. Additionally Glo has a built in clip to allow your bottle to be fastened onto a bag, clothing or suspended in a tent.

So raise those hands to the tunes and lift up that lamp and light up the atmosphere, then in between songs, take a drink and start again! The hand arms make it easy to carry your bottle lamp everywhere or to hang in a tent or a branch nearby. We love and think it's really cool, well done to the genius who thought up this one. The fun is in your hands.


  • Glo has an outstanding battery life of 75 hours plus
  • Takes 2x CR2450 cell batteries which are fully replaceable
  • Fits most standard 28mm thread bottle tops
  • Picks up the colour of the bottle or drink inside
  • A great lamp for camping or festival-ing


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