Hubsan X4 FPV Plus

Hubsan X4 FPV Plus
Hubsan X4 FPV PlusHubsan X4 FPV PlusHubsan X4 FPV Plus
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The amazing Hubsan FPV X4+ takes the original to a whole new level!

The FPV (First Person View) X4 has been one of our favourite drones for a long time here at B Cool! We are found it to be one of the most reliable and most enjoyable little drones we have. Now, the X4 plus looks even better. It is the smallest FPV Drone in the world and of course is pure class when it comes to flying. We are delighted to be one of the first retailers to stock this little beauty.

The whole idea of seeing what the drone sees as you fly it is quite remarkable, certainly it is a leap forward in the technology that goes into these little machines. The First Person View means that drones have become a lot more fun but of course with cameras we still have to be responsible. The FPV X4 Plus comes with 2.4Ghz rc control and the screen is 4.3 inches in size. It records the flight in 720p HD so you can sit back and enjoy your recorded movies later and if you want to, you can load them onto YouTube.

The Hubsan X4 Plus comes with a built in Gyro and Headless flight mode so your flight can be stable and super smooth. The headless flight or as it is known, Intelligent Orientation Control (a bit more technical) means you don't need to have a nose on the drone, it can fly forward in any direction, from any side of the drone. One of the best things about th X4 is the Altitude Hold, this makes it much easier to get even better shots because it keeps the Drone stable while in flight. For someone who loves their flying remote controls, this is a must. Not only does it look sleek and beautiful it flies just as good, a great big boys toy!


  • The Smallest FPV Drone in the World
  • Beautiful Design
  • Gyro and Headless Flight Mode
  • HD 1280 X 720 Built in Camera
  • Altitude Hold
  • 360° Flips
  • Measures 109 X 94 X 37mm
  • Wide Angle Lens
  • 6 Axis Flight Control
  • Indoor and Outdoor Flight (Please don't fly on windy days)
  • 4 Night time LED Lights
  • Rubber landing feet
  • USB Charging Cable (Charge from Computer or socket)

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