Immerse Plus V.R. Headset

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Virtual Reality, it’s something that has been exclusive to the world of Sci-fi movies and other mediums of that genre. Recently, of course it is something we have heard is advancing and is in use today. However, it has never been so affordable!

Fancy walking with dinosaurs or getting your adrenaline pumping on a roller-coaster? Time to break out of the mundane life of work and no play?
Well, with the Virtual Reality Headset you can experience these emotions from the comfort (and safety) of your living room!
The Virtual Reality Headset enables you to watch 3D movies, play simulated games and experience virtual simulations by downloading content directly onto your smartphones!
With 360 degree content, and a screen view that will adapt with your head movements, you will get lost in hours of fun in a virtual world of your choice!
It may look like your a right wally with the goggles on your head but that is far, far outweighed by the experience. Your friends might laugh but when they put them on they will know just how much fun you are having.
The Immerse Virtual Reality Headset is also way cheaper than most of the very expensive brands out there and it is a great way to enjoy 3D movies on your phone too! A great introduction to the world of virtual reality. They are a great gift for the techie friend or family member who you know will love them.


  • A new virtual world at your finger tips
  • Compatible with most phones including iPhone and Android devices
  • Watch 3D Movies (Side by side movies on you Tube are perfect)
  • 360° head tracking
  • Virtual Reality Games are great on the headset
  • Ultra Wide Field Vision
  • Intense 3D view
  • Adjustable lens for optimal vision
  • Face Contact Foam and adjustable Head Strap to heighten comfort
  •  An extensive range of free and inexpensive content available to download from Play Store and App Store.

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