iMusic Speaker Pillow

iMusic Speaker Pillow
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The iMusic Pillow - sleeping in just became a lot more fun with no need for headphones!

Who would have thought it? How can 21st technology take something so normal and turn it into something fantastic, even the simple pillow is now falling to this personal technology revolution and it is all to our benefit.
This unique iMusic Pillow requires no headphones as there is a speaker built inside the pillow. More comfortable than headphones with the soft hollow fibre filling, you cannot feel the speaker inside. It's great, as only you can hear your personal sounds, so your partner or people near by can sleep in peace. It allows you to drift off to your favourite music and not be woken up later by the noise of your stereo as the iMusic Pillow will stop playing once your selected songs end. People who experience tinnitus can use the iMusic Pillow to create a background noise, which can help them fall asleep. If you suffer from insomnia then you can benefit from the soft sounds of music or tracks to help you relax.

The iMusic Pillow has a number of uses like listening to audio books or learning a foreign language, relaxation or self-help tracks, additional comfort whilst listening to music or the television in bed without disturbing your partner. It's also ideal to take on long journeys for a comfortable source of entertainment, in the car, train or plane and other passengers will not be disturbed.

It requires a music source, such as your MP3 player, radio or iphone as long as it has a 3.5mm stereo plug to connect the pillow to. The pillow will not emit any sound until it is connected to your device. The cable is removable to keep the pillow tidy and safe when it's not in use. Although you cannot machine wash the pillow, it can be wiped clean and air dried. Not recommended for children under 5 years. Music source is not included.

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