InVent In-Car Phone Holder

InVent In-Car Phone Holder
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If you don't like to just throw your phone down on to the car seat beside you and think it would be great to have in a place where you can see it clearly? The Invent Car Phone Holder is the perfect way to mount your phone safely and securely where you can see it. So if you want to use your phone as a GPS mapping device you can. 

In-car vent attachable universal smartphone holder with 360 degree rotation, supporting devices between 55mm - 80mm and it's case compatible.

A pair of adjustable padded arms allows you to rest the mount against your dash or centre console, taking pressure off the vents themselves - allowing for a safer and more secure hold. Ideal for holding your smartphone when you decide to utilise it as a sat nav (satellite navigation) device.


      • In-car holder that secures your device to the air vent
      • Vent holding mechanism is compatible with most cars
      • Fits any phone between 55mm and 80mm in width
      • Case compatible
      • Rotate your phone 360 degree whilst in the holder
      • Keeps your smartphone held in position

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