iPad iBed Lap Desk

iPad iBed Lap Desk
iPad iBed Lap DeskiPad iBed Lap DeskiPad iBed Lap Desk
iPad iBed Lap DeskiPad iBed Lap DeskiPad iBed Lap Desk
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No, it's not a bed for your iPad but it is really very practical. Who would have thought an iPad could get so heavy if you have to hold it for any lenght of time. Lets face it, when we are at home and we want to relax and check out Facebook or watcha movie on the iPad, we don't want to be feeling the burn from holding it up all the time.

Enter the iBed, it's perfect for laying back, relaxing and using your iPad all at the same tim. The iPad or any similar size tablet can fit into the resting slot and yuo can sit back and relax. Not only does it hold your iPad or Tablet but it also has space for your super too. Sip coffee, browse away and munch some cookies, how can it get any better? The iBed is made from quality material ith a soft cushion underneath for comfort. Bring it with you to bed, while watching TV or just relaxing at home.


  • Perfect for all iPads and Tablets of similar size
  • Use on a couch, in bed or on a plane
  • Soft Cushion for comfort
  • Measures 11.9 X 24 X 3.5cm

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