Lightning and Micro USB Charger

Lightning and Micro USB Charger
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If you have ever been out and about and then to find you are out of battery or need to connect to a computer to send files or photos to someone urgently? This little gadget is a must for smartphone users, it's a simple key ring but with three very essential parts. It has a lightning connections for iphones and a micro USB connection for android phones, and other devices too. It also has the normal USB connection to put into a port on a laptop, computer or a wall plug. You can charge your phone, sync it to a PC and all with out a long and annoying cable to tag along. 

The keyring is a very clever, compact device that simply attaches onto your keys and ensure that you're never left without a charging cable again. A perfect accessory for around the house, work or traveling.


  • A compact Lightning & Micro USB data cable
  • Charge both Lightning & Micro USB devices
  • Sync your devices too
  • Short design means it's cable free, and isn't overly bulky for your keyring
  • Clever, flexible design means the short length doesn't effect your charging needs


    • Lightning
    • Micro USB
    • Charge
    • Handy Sync Key Chain

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