Mr Happy And The Office Party

Mr Happy And The Office Party
Mr Happy And The Office PartyMr Happy And The Office PartyMr Happy And The Office Party
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It's office party time, would you believe and we are going to be hitting the high street to find that funny Kris Kindle that everyone else in the office will be mad they didn't find. This is the perfect gift for anyone who's ever been to a Christmas office party and lived to tell the tale! 

"Mr Happy is usually a very happy fellow. But the morning after the office party, he doesn't feel quite so happy. In fact, he loses his smile. It couldn't be that bad, could it?" You will have to get the book to see what happened to poor old Mr Happy. These are definitely not like the innocent books we had as kids.


·         Hilarious adaptation of the children’s books

·         For Grown Ups Only

·         Made and printed just like the originals

·         A sure hit this Christmas




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