My Kronozs ZeCircle Smartwatch

My Kronozs ZeCircle Smartwatch
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Everybody is getting the running bug again it would seem and why not, and it doesn't matter what the weather is like either. But this watch is not just for runners but for anyone who wants to keep track of there steps throughout the day and make sure they are not sitting down too long at a desk.

ZeCircle is an ultra-thin aluminum connected watch with touchscreen that tells time, tracks your steps, distance, calories burned and sleep quality. Users can check their activity results in real-time with a single tap. When synced to a smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0, ZeCircle shows notifications of calls, SMS, emails, calendar events and social media activity. With ZeCircle free mobile app and/or software, set daily goals and reminders, monitor your performance level and analyze your progress!

The Zecircle is is more than just a watch and is more than just a pedometre, it has many top class features and all that at a great price too. So what are you doing? Get up and get going! 


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