Nitecore Tini

Nitecore Tini
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You have heard the saying, “don’t let it’s size fool you”, well this is one of those times. The Tini defies its size with a whopping 380 lumens of brightness at it’s disposal. It is ready to brighten your way and shine its light into the darkness. Ther eis no other little flashlight out there that comes with so much power. The Tini is metal and rechargeable too, so you don’t need to keep going to buy batteries for it. It is an amazing piece of kit snd definitely a must have for all you gadget lovers out there. Highly recommended!


  • Lives up to its name, measures Aprox. 43.3 X 25.4 X 11mm
  • Super Bright 380 Lumens
  • 4 Brightness modes
  • Solid outer core crafted from metal
  • Unrivalled craftmanship
  • Electroplated silver edge
  • Electroplated light-permeable switches
  • Rechargeable Li=ion Battery
  • Run time Up to 60 hours
  • Key Ring
  • Weight 13.4g

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