Orbitkey Bottle Opener

Orbitkey Bottle Opener
Orbitkey Bottle OpenerOrbitkey Bottle OpenerOrbitkey Bottle OpenerOrbitkey Bottle Opener
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The Orbitkey is one of the sleekest looking key rings we have come across, they really do organise your keys and keep them safe and tidy.

They are beautifully made and you once you have one you can see the ingenuity and thought that has gone in to making them. The Bottle Opener is the perfect accessory to add to your Orbitkey, nicely made and strong, it will open your bottle of bear in an instant. Great for parties, barbeques and just to have for when you want a beer on one of those hot summer days or watching the game on TV. Another nice touch is, you don't have to buy an Orbitkey to use it, it simply goes on any set of keys, so you can still use it. However, we would wonder why you wouldn't want to buy and Orbit Key, there just so cool! Either way, git it on it's own or to add to your Orbitkey, it's a great buy!


  • Carry bottle opener without added bulk
  • Compact and low-profile design.
  • Works with the Orbitkey or on its own
  • Made from Stainless steel to ensure high durability


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