Orbitkey Brown/ Tan Leather

Orbitkey Brown/ Tan Leather
 Orbitkey Brown/ Tan LeatherOrbitkey Brown/ Tan Leather 
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Another slick Orbitkey, this one is the Brown Leather with Tan stitching. So here we are in the 21st century and it seems we have keys for everything, we go out and carry a bunch of keys with us and they jingle all the way home with us too! We need them to open our homes, bike locks, shed doors, lockers, work keys and many other things too. They can be a nuisance at the best of times and when we put them in our bags or pockets they can pretty well damage out belongings including our precious and very costly Smart Phones! So why hasn't anybody come up with something that keeps them all neat and tidy and yet also looks slick in the process?

The answer to all the jingling and damaged phones is here, the Orbitkey!

The OrbitKey is a beautifully made Key Ring that has just recently been kickstarted and we think it;s really cool. The Orbitkey basically keeps your keys organised, altogether and very neat too. Looking a bit like a bow the orbit key comes in pure leather of different colours and Elastomer. It can hold up to 7 keys and the beauty is you can put them in to key ring in the order that suits you. So you know where each key is and slide it out at the time you need it. There is a pretty clever lock-nut that holds it altogether and allows you to put in 3 and up to 7 keys. (Depending on the thickness of the keys.)

The Leather used in the Orbitkey is very good quality and is also double sided for extra strength and it also comes with an optional car key attachment if you wish to connect it to it. It is also very easy to set the keys up with instructions provided, it should only take a minute before your ready to go with all your keys organised and secure.

Another great feature are the optional Bottle Opener and USB Memory Key that you can buy separately. The Bottle Opener is a lovely touch and bound to be a very handy addition to your keys while the USB Memory Key, which comes in both 8GB and 32GB, takes convenience to another level. The Memory Key is ideal for grabbing work or study that you need to bring from one place to another and it's all there along with your keys, organised and easy to access.

Orbitkey have taken great pride in their workmanship to provide beautiful and practical key solutions that users, both male and female, can be proud to carry. We at B Cool! want everyone to love their keys and the Orbitkey as much as we do.



  • Made from genuine cowhide leather
  • Coated edges and double sided leather for extra strength
  • Accommodates between 3-7 standard keys or accessories
  • Optional car-key attachment ring is included

Accessorize your Orbitkey

  • Bottle Opener and USB Memory key can be purchased here


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