Pac-Man Mood Lamp

Pac-Man Mood Lamp
Pac-Man Mood LampPac-Man Mood LampPac-Man Mood Lamp
Pac-Man Mood LampPac-Man Mood Lamp
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What a day we live in, so many modern inventions that make our lives so good and sometimes they make it easier and sometimes not.

So how about something that is a blast from the past but with a modern twist. It's a piece of Retro meets modernism! Pac-Man must be one of the most memorable and most popular computer game from the 80s and pretty much back to when computers were invented. Let's just say a lot of ours went by trying to keep away from the pesky ghosts as you munched your way through thousands of tasty pixels.

The Pac-Man Ghost Lamp is a pretty stunning mood lamp that is beautifully designed and really has to seen to be appreciated. It is perfect for any room whether its a sitting room, dining room or a games room. The cool glow from the Pac-Man Lamp also make sit perfect to be a night light in a bedroom. I think it would be a pretty good party piece to have at your next party.

The Pac-Man Ghost Lamp is officially licensed and comes with a controller that lets you change from a rainbow of 16 different colours to flash, strobe, fade or smooth options. You didn't want to cross Inky, Pinky, Blinky and Clyde as PacMan munched his way around the screen but when they changed coulour it was your turn to mucnh on them... Bonus! This cool lamp is definitely a bonus and a must have for all who love everything retro and modern fans too!.


  • Officially Licensed Pac-Man Lamp
  • Remote Control
  • 16 Different Colours
  • Speed Control with 4 Speeds
  • Dimmer Function to change the mood
  • Powered from the Mains (Adapter Included)
  • Measures 18 X 20 X 18cm
  • A wonderful gift

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