Papershooter Zombie Killer

Papershooter Zombie Killer
Papershooter Zombie KillerPapershooter Zombie KillerPapershooter Zombie KillerPapershooter Zombie Killer
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You know they're coming, The Walkers!

Rick and the group have been warning us now for years to be ready, be prepared to do what you need to do! The Walkers must be stopped, the paper virus is now a pandemic and you must protect yourself and your family! This Zombie killer paper shooter is perfect to stop those walking zombies that are swarming the neighbourhood, they can only be stopped with a gun that fires paper bullets.

Just imagine, not only the fun of putting this super cool baby together but it actually fires paper bullets up to 75 feet. Now, that is remarkable, but what is even cooler is that fact that after you shoot the paper bullet, the empty shell ejects up out of the cylinder to give yo that authentic feel. The blasters are supplied in kit form so you build the whole thing from scratch, including the air chamber, trigger system and the awesome interchangeable camo skins!

The Ammo: Our ammo is ULTRA SAFE and 100% BIODEGRADABLE! It shoots more accurately than other toy ammo types such as foam darts which tend to veer off, and the 'rubber band' type ammo isn't very accurate at all over any distance. Also, for you wimps out there the ammo will not hurt if you are hit with it! There is a paper mould included in the pack and can be made in seconds. The rounds are extremely accurate and may even reach a distance of 100 feet, depending on how good you are! So you and you friends better get one fast, before it's too late and the Zombies come for you too!


  • 138 Piece Cardboard Gun
  • Fires paper ammo bullets
  • Fires up to 75 feet and beyond
  • Extremely accurate unlike sucker darts
  • Ejecting shells for realism
  • Very sturdy and great look
  • Interchangeable camo skins
  • zombies don't like it, it kills them!

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