Pickmaster Precision

Pickmaster Precision
Pickmaster PrecisionPickmaster PrecisionPickmaster Precision
Pickmaster PrecisionPickmaster PrecisionPickmaster Precision
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If you are a musician, and more specifically a guitar player you will totally understand the brilliance of this gadget! Basically it means you have a free supply of plectrum for the rest of your playing days!

If you are tired of losing picks and paying too much to replace them personalise your playing by making your own plectrums with the Pickmaster®. This cunning tool not only recycles packaging and other plastic sheeting, it will also save you time and money! Now that is good news for today's economic circumstances.

The Pickmaster® Precision is the all new pickmaster only it has been rebuilt to better faster, stronger and in HD! No wait, that's an add on TV, but seriously, the Pickmaster has been made even better. The Pickmaster cutting head has been redesigned to make it shear though most soft plastics up to 0.9mm with even less pressure required - making it easier for you to use. The design is slik and the build is even stronger - with improved fixtures and looks. To say this is a weighty piece of kit is an understatement, it really does what it says on the tin.

The new mechanism also reduces the amount of tear on the plastic being cut giving a smoother edge. For any rough areas left over, there is a fine sander built into the the handle. This will allow you to take off the remaining burrs.

Also, for the “picky”, you can rest your plectrum on the lip of the handle whilst sanding to provide a more even angle of attack resulting in a consistent edge on the pick for smoother performance.

Also, as part of the package the Pickmaster features the Plectrometer™ on the packaging that allows you to measure the height of your stash of plectrums and calculate their value (based on a thickness of 0.7mm at 70c each - other currencies are available..!)  It comes packaged in a self-standing or hanging plastic clamshell.

Designed by Guitarists, Pickmaster® is the ideal gift for anyone who plays the guitar and a great treat if you play yourself, that will save you a fortune too!So get picking and have your own stash of funky plectrums cut from all types of plastics including old out of date credit cards and more.


  • Make you own plectrums
  • Heavy Metal build
  • Easy to Use
  • Built in Sanding Pad
  • Will save you money and time
  • A great gift for guitarists both Pro and amateur

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