Rubix Cube Light

Rubix Cube Light
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Just when you thought the Rubik's Cube couldn’t get more interesting, but still as hard to do as ever!

Pick up this innovative desk light and start twisting and turning it just like a real Rubik's Cube! The Rubik's Cube is quite an amazing product, it has stood the test of time and despite the onslaught of tech toys to beat the band, it has endured. The amazing puzzle has never lost its effect on young and old and the puzzle is just as much a challenge as it was when it took the world by storm.

This is a fantastic idea, that really works. The Rubik's Cube is a cool bedside or desktop lamp that is rechargeable and looks brilliant when turned on. It will decorate your desktop and act as a night light in a bedroom too. The great thing is, you can pick it up anytime you want and try to solve the puzzle.

Rechargeable, the Rubik's Cube Light will allow you two hours playing time once fully charged. When not in use it can be mounted on a triangular base and connected directly to a power source using the USB cable. This makes it a great gift for anyone into their puzzles and has a Rubik's Cube or simply someone who likes their cool, retro gear!
The Rubix Cube Light would also be a great feature the next time your having guests or perhaps, weather permitting a barbeque!


  • Fully working Rubik's Cube
  • As addictive as the Original
  • A great gift for the home or the workplace
  • Size 12 x 12 x 12cms
  • Includes triangular base and 1.2 metre USB cable.
  • Rechargeable - 2 Hours on full charge.