Run Tech Wrist Band

Run Tech Wrist Band
 Run Tech Wrist BandRun Tech Wrist Band 
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It seems everybody and their dog is running these days and why not, its a great exercise and great fun, besides the dog loves it!

However, despite all the benefits including the healthy live style and fun, there is a drawback. That is, where do you put the stuff you would like to bring with you on the run. Yes, pockets can be handy but stuff like keys or money, in case of emergency, bounce and jingle around. That's okay if you don't mind sounding like a demented reign deer trying to find it's way to the north pole before the weather gets bad. So we thought this would be really cool, its a wrist band, remember them from the seventies and eighties? The good old days of McEnroe and Jimmy Connors, wooden rackets and the ball was definitely on the line, well they are back, along with the jogging craze. The difference is, this comfy wrist band comes with a zipped pocket where you can store keys, money and even a credit card. The credit card is just in case you run too far and need to pay to get back home again. Whatever you decide to put in it, whether your keys, lose change, notes or credit card it will be comfy and certainly not noisy as you run, jog or even walk your way around the block. We think they are a cool idea and they are selling very well in our stores, there is value in the simple things that make life easier.

With all the half marathons, 5K races and full marathons these days, its definitely something you should have that's light and easy to carry all you need on the run.


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