Scooty Hoverboard

Scooty Hoverboard
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It was the movie, ‘Back To The Future’ that started all this and it seemed at the time it would never be a reality. Well now it is, to a certain extent, these Hoverboards are really cool, and will get you from a to b in no time and without having to walk. It’s what dreams are made of and now it is here because technology has advanced so much and it does exactly what technology should do, make life easier and more fun.

The Scooty is a fully certed and fully licensed Hoverboard that comes with all built in features to keep you balanced and ready to roll. Using the latest in self-stabilising technology. The Scooty incorporates self balancing gyroscopes to create a sturdy and stable platform on which you stand. These stabilizers help you find your balance and keep you on the board. In fact, once you are on it gets easy very quickly and before you know it you are whizzing around like a pro. The Hoverboards offer an exhilarating ride and it is really great fun. It may look like it is hard when you see someone on it, but once you get on yourself it is amazing how easy it is. All you do is lean slightly in the direction you want to go and the Hoverboard will respond.

The Scooty comes with 6.5 inch tyres and two 350W brushless motors to pack some power into your scooting. Going to the shops was never more fun than this!


  • 2 brushless motors 350 W
  • Top Quality Samsung Lithium-Ion battery
  • 6.5 inch wheels
  • Inbuilt Gyroscope intelligent system
  • Charging time 2-3 hour, 25km range
  • Ability to ride at a 20% gradient
  • Max speed: 6mph
  • Minimum weight needed to operate: 25kg weight
  • Max weight load: 120kg
  • Battery capacity: 44,000mAh