Sharpener Desk Tidy

Sharpener Desk Tidy
Sharpener Desk TidySharpener Desk TidySharpener Desk Tidy
Sharpener Desk TidySharpener Desk TidySharpener Desk Tidy
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Yes, that's right, it's a giant pencil sharpener. It won't sharpen your giant pencils...but it will keep all your pens, pencils and other stuff looking sharp on your desk!

A throw back to your days at school, it was one and still is one of the essential pieces of your school kit. And if you had one someone would always want to borrow it. Imagine their surprise if, when they asked for a loan of a pencil sharpener, you handed them this massive one! One thing for sure is, you would always get it back, where would they be able to hide it!!

The Sharpener Desk Tidy is made from Rubberwood which is a highly sustainable wood. After around 30 years of producing natural latex sap the Rubber trees are harvested for their high quality wood and new trees are planted. Since the trees are not felled specifically for timber use, Rubberwood is considered to be ecologically sound, simply using up a waste product of the latex production industry. Definitely one of the nicest designer desktop products around and I don't think it will be too easy to find a more unique desktop gadget. It will look fantastic in a home study, hall table or on a desk in work.


  • Superbly made designer gift
  • Metal (Stainless Steel)
  • Highly recyclable. Will not rust or corrode
  • Wood (Rubber) Species- Hevea Brasiliensis Genus- Hevea
  • Very Eco Friendly
  • Paper and Card packaging
  • Size Width 85mm Height 120mm Depth 85mm
  • Weight 0.344 Kg
  • It’s really cool!


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