Stealth Memory Pen

Stealth Memory Pen
Stealth Memory PenStealth Memory PenStealth Memory Pen
Stealth Memory PenStealth Memory Pen
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No, this pen does not help you with your memory if you are writing your biography! What it does do is hold any important data that you may need for work or study. Simply load it up to the neatly hidden memory stick and bring your data including notes and files anywhere you want.

Of course, that's not all it does, it is a pen, obviously and it has With an omnidirectional tip, this is a great quality stylus for your tablet or smartphone! The Memory Stick  has 4GB memory, plenty of space to store your files on the go!

the Memory Pen is a really handy everyday carry gadget, with three useful functions perfect for anyone doing studies, someone who does a bit of travelling or in the office. A great gift for the techy who thinks they have everything.


  • Omnidirectional stylus tip gives you great control when using your smartphone/tablet
  • Stylus works with all capacitive smartphones and tablets
  • 4GB memory card encased in the top of the pen
  • High quality refillable ballpoint pen - refill with any colour you want!