Syma X12 Quadcopter

Syma X12 Quadcopter
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Introducing the all new Syma X12 Nano Quad copter. This is one of the best mini quadcopters around and of course it comes from one of the world leaders in flying toy technology.

The X12 Nano is great fun and now with the all new headless flying mode for beginners they are so easy to fly too. The idea of headless flying is that no matter which way your X12 is pointing it will go in the way you push the controls. This means there is no figuring out which is the back and which is the front, whatever way you fly it is the way it goes. This gives it a massive head start on any of it's competitors. 

The X12 Nano may be tiny, which makes it perfect for indoor flight but it also comes packed with the kind of technology you would expect from a bigger drone. The X12 is equipped with the latest 6 Axis flight control system, this means it is more stable and allows for for a smooth controlling experience.  To add to the fun it comes with 360 Eversion, which means you can do a total 360 degree flip over in mid flight, now that's cool. Add to all this the colourful LEDs and you have a very good product that will fill your flying time with bags of fun. 


  • All new Mini Quadcopter
  • Easy to fly for beginners and intermediate
  • Small enough to fly in your home or the office
  • 6 Axis Control
  • Headless Mode for easy flying
  • Colouful LED Lights
  • USB Charging
  • Easy to transport
  • Measures 7.7 X 7.7 X 2.7cm

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