SYMA X5SC Quadcopter

SYMA X5SC Quadcopter
SYMA X5SC QuadcopterSYMA X5SC QuadcopterSYMA X5SC Quadcopter
SYMA X5SC QuadcopterSYMA X5SC Quadcopter
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A huge hit last Christmas and into 2015 the X5C has been updated and improved with the launch of the affordable X5SC.

Quadcopters are all the rage now and it's not hard to see why, they really are a great boys toy. The X5SC comes equipped with a HD camera that allows you to take photos or, even better still record videos, in flight! So whether it's just a walk in the park or you want a different angle for your holiday videos and snaps then you can launch the X5SC into the sky and get some spectacular views to bring home with you. It really is amazing how technology can, as it advances can be passed on to gadgets like these.

The improvements to the X5C include, larger rotor guards to give you even better protection as you fly. The other addition is the HD camera, which is a 720p camera built in to the under carriage if the quadcopter. What a pretty spectacular selfie you can take with the X5SC, you simply fly it up, take a photo or video and then when you come back to base, unload the included micro SD card and view the amazing images.

Another new improvement is something called 'Headless Flying', this is a pretty cool feature which Syma have added to the X5SC. In the recent past, and for almost all quadcopters, there was a front and back. So to fly forward you had to make sure your Quadcopter faced to the front, and to go backwards, obviously it faced to the back. The 'Headless Flying function' literally means what it says, the quadcopter has no clue which way is front and which is back or sideways, that is all left up to you. this makes it much easier to fly from our point of view.

Syma are world leaders in the Toy Queadcopter market and with the Syma X5SC it is not hard to see why. It is a perfect quad to introduce to someone starting out as a beginner and to someone who is, shall we say more expert. It can be used indoor and outdoor and with the 6 Axis Gyro system it is easy to fly and very stable in flight. the range from the remote is 50 metres so make sure you have plenty of space around you. Happy Flying!


  • 6 Axis Quadcopter
  • HD Camera (720p)
  • Gyroscope Technology
  • Inflight Videos and Photos
  • Improved and Optional Blade Protectors
  • Flight Modes include Beginner and Advanced
  • 360° Flip Over Trick
  • Colourful LED Lights on Under Carriage
  • 4GB Micro SD Card  Included



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