TV Simulator

TV Simulator
TV SimulatorTV SimulatorTV Simulator
TV SimulatorTV Simulator
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At this time of year we tend to be away from home quite a bit, between BBQs, parties, holidays and weekends away. That's all great of course but unfortunately that leaves our homes vunerable to those who seek to take advantage of empty homes. 

Enter the TV Simulator, it may seem a bit on the novel side but it is simply genius! It is highly unlikely any wouldbe burglars are going to enter a home where it looks like someone is watching TV. The TV Simulator does exactly what it says, it makes it look like a TV is on and someone is home. That is enough to put these indiviuald off. Basically the device simulaters an LED TV as it flickers from diferent lights to other lights, it really looks like a TV from outside when the blinds are pulled. I tuses hardly any electricity and can be set to come on from dusk for 4 hours or for 7 hours. 

It's good to have alarms and this is a nice touch to just give that little extra peace of mind for a very small price into the bargain. 


  • Material: ABS & PC.
  • LED quantity:12 pcs (6 white,3 green,2 blue,1 red).
  • LED power:3W
  • Setting Mode: On/Off, Dusk+4 Hours, Dusk+7 Hours 
  • Simulates the look of a real TV from outside your home

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