Nova Lava Lamp

Nova Lava Lamp
Nova Lava LampNova Lava LampNova Lava Lamp
Nova Lava LampNova Lava LampNova Lava Lamp
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It's always good to have that sense of nostalgia and set the mood to bring back all the memories of all things retro.

Lava Lamps are one of those things that never loose their cool and so have remained as popular as ever even in this new digital age. They can be mesmorising and soothing all at the same time, there is no doubt they look good and can create a great mood in any home. Once the Lava inside heats up you can watch as it slowly starts to move to the top of the glass container and then move back down again. Certainly the Nova Lava Lamp is definitely therapeutic and nice to turn on after a long day at work and put your feet up. Kids love them  in their bedrooms too, girls seem to like the red blue while the boys seem to like the blue lamp.

These lava lamps make for lovely gifts top anyone at any age, it is something that will last and can fit perfectly into most surroundings.


  • Cool Retro Lamp
  • Soothing and Therapeutic
  • Timeless Gift
  • Perfect for both young and young at heart
  • Measures: Aprox: 33cm X 13cm