Air Power Engine Car Kit

Air Power Engine Car Kit
Air Power Engine Car KitAir Power Engine Car KitAir Power Engine Car KitAir Power Engine Car Kit
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Petroleum used to make the gasoline that is such a popular choice becomes more and more difficult to find. The auto industry is spending a lot of money in finding the alternative fuel but have a look at this amazing eco-friendly vehicle Air Power Engine Car. It’s a great kit to build for adults and kids that uses 19th century vision and gives invaluable insight into propulsion via compressed air. A pump-up bar with a pressure meter is built into the car for easy operation. This meter measures the volume of compressed air. The air chamber made from PET (polyethylene terephthalate). The silicon tube (red) creates an air tight fit. Another safety device implemented into the kit is a safety valve. If the user keeps pumping while the tank is full, the safety valve will open and bleed the air automatically. When the air chamber is full, you can release the compressed air; the air then expands and drives the vehicle a distance up to 50 meters in 35 seconds. A great fast car that is eco-friendly, requires no batteries or specific conditions and also is fun and easy to build. Amazing gift for every child, your or old!


  • Air Power Engine Car Kit
  • Science kit
  • DIY
  • No battery or motor required
  • Uses propulsion via compressed air
  • Goes up to 50 meters/35 seconds
  • Dimensions 160 mm x 227 mm x 160 mm
  • Kit contains functional edges and sharp points
  • Manual included
  • Tools you may need: screwdriver, cutter, hammer
  • Recommended ages 10+

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