Baby Desert Eagle BB Gun

Baby Desert Eagle BB Gun
 Baby Desert Eagle BB GunBaby Desert Eagle BB Gun 
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Enjoy your aisoft hobby by adding this beautiful made Baby Desert Eagle to your collection. Known as the Baby Eagle this gun is designed with powerful mechanism and known as a the most reliable gun in the industry.

Made by KWC, the Baby Desert Eagle from Cybergun has it’s ancestor in the Jericho 1980s that uses elements of the iconic CZ 75 pistol well known for its power. Powered by disposable 12g Co2 canisters, this pistol has little to no moving parts. No maintenance required! This makes them cheaper to manufacture, as well as boosting reliability; the less the moves, the less that can go wrong!

It is constructed out of durable ABS plastic and a metal top slide. Run off the 12g Co2 caplets, each canister lasts approximately 100 shots, with the magazine holding 15 BB's at a time. The slide is fixed meaning it doesn't move at all - instead the barrel is brought back toward the magazine to fire. As such it is extremely important to never hold the trigger and insert the magazine - doing so will damage and break the gun. Remember to only use high quality BB's, and never reuse them!

On the underside of the pistol is a 20mm RIS/RAS rail allowing you to add on a laser or torch to make the gun a little more tactical.


  • Baby Desert Eagle Dual Tone, black and silver
  • Semi Automatic
  • Non Blow Back
  • Power 328FPS, 100M/S
  • Lenght 205 mm
  • Main Materials: ABS plastic and metal top slide
  • Gas Magazine capacity 15bbs
  • Weight 800g
  • Package includes Baby Desert Eagle Dual Tone x 1, box with 15bbs x 1, Alan Key to open the CO2 compartment x 1

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