Complete the Lyrics

Complete the Lyrics
 Complete the LyricsComplete the Lyrics 
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Any part should have this amazing set of quiz to entertain everyone. This simplistic but fun game sees players read out loud a well know song lyric… but part of it is missing.  The remaining players must battle to fill in the blank in the funniest way using the cards in their hands. Ever heard some lyrics that you just can’t believe are real? Well these lyrics are all from songs you have most likely heard of, and you now have the opportunity to make the even greater and even more memorable! One player reads out the lyrics with the part missing, and the remaining players compete to complete the lyrics in the funniest way from the cards in their hand. A great game to entertain and a must have to your party.


  • Complete The Lyrics
  • Must have game for any party
  • Thousands of hilarious outcomes
  • 35 x Lyric Cards
  • 115 x Answer Cards
  • Players: 3+
  • Age: 18+