Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy Theories
 Conspiracy TheoriesConspiracy Theories 
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We all love a good conspiracy, it's great for chats around the office or at the pub. The internet has opened up a whole wealth of all sorts of theories and conspiracies. Now you can have them altogether in one, very popular place, the Conspiracy Theory Book. If you know someone who is always talking about all the different events around the world and what or who are behind them then this book is perfect for them. Or if you would like to know it all your self then this is a must read.

Some of the Theories contained in the book are "Did Michael Jackson Fake his own death? Was it aliens that helped build the Sphinx and the great Pyramids? Is the food industry colluding to make us addicted to sugar?

You'll discover startling evidence on these and many more in this compelling compendium of the world's scariest and wackiest conspiracy theories.


  • Number of Pages 256
  • Paperback
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