Credit Card Power Bank

Credit Card Power Bank
Credit Card Power BankCredit Card Power BankCredit Card Power Bank
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We are still waiting for the study that tells us we are all addicted to our phones, but i don't think it will take a genius to work that one out.

The worst thing about the smartphone is when the battery runs out, our disappointment is obvious, which probably proves we are addicted, lol! Well help is at hand, well in your wallet, pocket or bag. This slim power bank actually fits in a standard size wallet. It weighs a tini amount and of course can go where you go. Simply plug it and charge your phone to get you back up and running again.Type C and iPhone adapters included.


  • Little pocket gadget
  • A great gift for phone addicted people in your life
  • Compatible with Android Phones
  • Measures 96 x 62 X 6.6mm