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6" Plasma Ball

Like something from the crazy scientists lab the 6" Plasma Ball is an amazing lamp that one can never get tired off.

A wonder to look at and even more amazing to touch the plasma ball seems mysterious and intriguing as the light seems to dance around inside the sphere like a ball of electricity. Then when we touch the sphere it is almost as though it is alive as it is drawn to your skin, even as you move your finger it follows in an what looks like lightening. The plasma ball really is one of the coolest lamps around and we certainly love it here. How does it work I hear you say, well please read on.

A plasma ball is made up of an outer glass ball that has been filled with an inert gas such as neon at a high pressure. A second glass bulb contains the metallic electrode that acts as the source of the colourful strands of colour that emanate from one globe to the next. Extremely popular in the 1980s it has been used as a special effect in movies and as a classroom tool to demonstrate plasma physics.

Electrodes and Magnetic Fields A plasma ball is made up of a large glass globe filled with inert gases such as neon or xenon. Inside the main globe is a smaller glove that has the electrode. The electricity from a standard outlet is amplified, creating an electromagnetic field. The high voltage reacts with the gas and excites the ions in the globe. The energy created is in the form of a photon, also known as light, and creates the colourful ribbons of energy. Plasma and Precautions Plasma is the fourth form of matter and is usually associated with extreme temperatures. It is created when ions within an element are free to move independently of the other ions around them. The plasma streamers go from the electrode glass to the outer globe glass and follow the direction of the magnetic field. Your finger is a conductor. When you touch the outer globe, the magnetic field is changed and the ribbon is attracted to the contact point.


  • Amazing array of light changes
  • Fun Lamp for kids to learn
  • Glass Ball Size 6 Inches
  • Height Approx. 25cm
  • Three Pin Plug
  • An old favourite that never ceases to amaze!
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