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What Is Your Dog really Thinking?


Reveal the secrets of the canine world from this well compelled book What Is Your Dog really Thinking?.  You can now find out what’s going on behind those puppy-dog eyes when your pooch

is desperately begging for food, why they insist on digging holes in the garden, and what they really think of your cutesy nicknames.

Looking into those big, gorgeous puppy-dog eyes, it sometimes seems all too obvious what your dog is thinking – namely, I love you. But after delving deep into pup psychology we can now reveal their real thoughts: prepare to be amazed as you discover what your pooch is really thinking. Funny read and a great gift for all the dog owners and not only.


  • What Is Your Dog really Thinking?
  • Gift book for dog owners
  • Funny thoughts from your pet
  • 96 pages
  • Hard book cover
  • Book dimensions 12 x 16 cm
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