Enigma Crack the Code

Enigma Crack the Code
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Puzzles and mysteries have delighted humanity for thousands of years, from the ancient Riddle of the Sphinx, through to Latin squares found in the Roman ruins, and right up to the present day. In this intriguing collection of puzzles, codes and conundrums, Dr Gareth Moore has gathered together a huge variety of puzzles – from the simplest to the most fiendishly difficult – that are guaranteed to bemuse, amuse and confuse. Interspersed with background information on the puzzles, this addictive book is perfect for anyone who enjoys being challenged.

With all over 200 puzzles to solve, including some that can truly be described as enigmas – plus solutions too, if you need them – it’s the perfect way to hone your brain and pit your wits against the very best brand-new puzzles.


  • Enigma Crack The Code book
  • Test your brain book
  • Puzzles book
  • 224 pages
  • Dimensions 15 cm x 23 cm

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