Fake News

Fake News
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Whether you love him or loathe him, well I wouldn't say many people love him, they may like and support him, maybe. The media, to put in mildly dislike him but no matter what anybody thinks, he is a popular subject. The book is a whitty examination of the Fake News phenomenon and where it all comes from. 

Fake News has just been announced as the Word of 2017 by the Collins Disctionary. Yes, it's two words but isn't that just so apt, no matter what side your on, it's fake if it is one and it is fake if it is two. Back to the book, it's hilarious and and great gift for haters and likers of the Trump! 


  • A book that is more fake than even the fake news but all true
  • A true story based on fiction
  • It's very funny
  • A great gift for Trump fans and fans against Trumo