Flick Comb

Flick Comb
Flick CombFlick CombFlick Comb
Flick CombFlick Comb
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The Fonz is back!

Hands up who remembers the Fonz? How cool was he and what a classic sit com it was. The white T-shirt, leather jacket and of course the comb for the immaculate hair do! smiley To B Cool (Couldn't resist) is what we would all aspire to be and we are, in our own way we are all cool so why not add to the cool and have the best little comb in the world. The Flick Comb is brilliant, it looks like a flick knife, which of course are not good, works in just the same way but instead of a knife a comb flicks up. Then in classic Fonz style, comb your hair dude!

The Flick Comb is perfectly safe and is harmless fun, the comb really works too and gets a big thumbs up from us and a big thumbs up from the man himself.


  • Flick Mechanism
  • Lock Button to prevent accidental activation
  • Strong plastic comb teeth
  • Makes you feel cool!

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