Fly Gun

Fly Gun
Fly GunFly GunFly Gun
Fly GunFly Gun
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You might think, a fly gun? And we wouldn't blame you, who ever heard of a fly having a gun! Lol

The thing is, this is one of the most popular gadgets in our store in Dundrum. Kids love it, they may not always use it to kill flies but it is still loads f fun. When people actually try the gun they are surprised by the power it has and the say, "wow that really would work"! The amazing thing is, the fly gun really does kill flies and doesn't leave a mess. The fly just drops and hits the floor, and when you get really good at shooting you can even hit them in mid air.

Great fun and good to keep the home clean in summer and fun even if your not shooting flies!


  • Really kills flies
  • Really kills flies
  • Plastic gun with swat the clicks into spring
  • A best seller
  • How fast can you be?