Mustang LP

Mustang LP
Mustang LPMustang LPMustang LPMustang LP
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The Ford Mustang must be the most iconic of all the classic cars, we have seen it in many movies and it is the car most of us can only dream about, a 1960s Ford Mustang!

Now, we may not all get a chance to actually own one but now we can have this instead, it may not be the car and you get fit in it but it is an officially licensed product and has all the slick looks you expect. And you can put all those classic LPs on it an d play them till your hearts content.  

The Mustang LP is a 4-in-1 music center with exciting retro automotive styling that recalls the great road cruisin’ music of yesteryear. Everything you need is here: A quiet belt-drive 3-speed turntable plays every record in your collection and records them to a USB flash drive. The unit has built-in speakers and an internal amplifier so you don’t need any extra equipment. There’s an Auxiliary input for connecting other devices and even a headphone jack for private listening. But what really sets Mustang LP apart from the crowd is its AM/FM tuning dial that looks just like the speedometer of the classic 1965 Mustang, right down to being flanked by round dials on either side. This unit delivers great music with unbeatable style.

Just be careful not to exceed the speed limit!


  • 4-in-1 retro music center with Turntable, Radio, USB and Aux input
  • 3-speed belt-drive turntable plays all your records
  • Sensitive AM/FM tuner with “speedometer” look
  • Records your albums onto USB flash drive
  • Auxiliary input for connecting and playing other devices
  • Built-in speakers and headphone jack for private listening
  • Exclusive ’65 Mustang styling makes you feel like you’re cruisin’ the open road
  • Stereo audio outputs (RCA jacks) to connect to external speakers

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