Giant Wine Glass

Giant Wine Glass
Giant Wine GlassGiant Wine GlassGiant Wine GlassGiant Wine Glass
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The say a glass of wine a day is very healthy and is actually good for you. The thing in the Red wine that is good for you  is called RESVERATROL, is good for your heart! And, don't forget the merriness is also an added bonus, wine makes you feel good.

So why not get more of this "medicine" with a glass that holds a full bottle of wine, now that can't be a bad thing, can it? Obviously we don't condone over drinking alcohol and we always recommend drinking wisely and of course never, ever, drink and drive. what we do recommend is having fun and this Glass, filled with wine or not is plenty of fun. It is one of the most popular items we have and is just one of those things we can never have enough of.


  • Real Glass
  • Holds a Full Standard Bottle of Wine
  • A nice Gift

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