Ice Towel

Ice Towel
Ice TowelIce TowelIce Towel
Ice TowelIce Towel
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Have you ever found yourself in need of a cool blast after a good workout or a hot summer day? The Ice Towel will be a great help, forget about any ice bucket or old bandana , the lightweight sports towel will keep you cooler for longer.  Just soak the towel, wring out excess water and shake for 5-10 seconds. Towel will stay cool for up to 2 hours when wet. It is fully reusable and you can also use it dry to quickly wipe sweat and moisture away from your body. Perfect to use for any sports, outdoor and beach activities.


  • Ice cooling towel
  • The cool effect lasts for up to 2 hours
  • Fully re-usable
  • Stores in a tub with a sports clip lid
  • Measures 100 cm x 27 cm