Key Ninja

Key Ninja
Key NinjaKey NinjaKey Ninja
Key NinjaKey Ninja
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Ninjas are famously adept at moving around without being noticed, they sneak in and out unnoticed. To do this takes years of training and practice. To do this they have to be super organised and always know where everything is. If they had a large bunch of keys they would definitely be looking for something like the Key Ninja to orgainse their keys.  They certainly wouldn't like to have a bunch of keys dangling around them when they go on one of their missions. So for us wanna be Ninjas we can use the Key Ninja to tidy up and organise our keys so we always know where they are. The Key Ninja holds up to 30 keys, yes amazingly, and all different types and sizes too. They will sit neat in your pocket or attach to your car key using the supplied carabiner. The Key Ninja also comes with two LED lights on either end so you can see where you have to put the key to use or help you to find something, very handy.

The Key Ninja is a great gadget that helps us organise our many keys for our modern lives and will make things simple and less stressful.


  • Material: Aluminum and Plastic Construction

  • Dual LED lights

  • Built in bottle opener

  • Organises up to 30 Key


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