Kids Emoji Face Mask

Kids Emoji Face Mask
Kids Emoji Face MaskKids Emoji Face MaskKids Emoji Face Mask
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Super funny and super cool 2 layer face masks for kids

It's not always easy for kids to understand what is happening in the world and that can be a good thing. So keeping their little minds safe is always a priority, we don't want them to have fear as their mood of the day. So if they have to wear a mask, why not make it a fun one, this is exactly what we thought so we made these fun emoji Face Masks for kids to help lighten things and let them have something happy and fun to wear. They come in laughing and yummy emoticons. How much more fun can you get?

These are fashionable civilian masks that can be worn in low risk situations. Look Great, Feel Safe!  


  • Colourful Printed Face Masks
  • Barrior Mask
  • 2 Layers of Protection
  • Weight:0.0600 Kg
  • Size: One Size fits all
  • Washable and Reusable Cotton Mask


  • This Barrier Mask is not intended to protect the consumer against viral infection. Used in conjunction with relevant public health advice, a Barrier Mask may help prevent the spread of viral infection to others
  • Children should be supervised at all times.
  • This is not personal protective equipment or a medical device under EU law. 
  • This mask is to be used in low risk situations.